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during our interactive year long programs
Our classes are loaded with fundamental information, practical exercises, quizzes, demos & MORE
Why train with us:
We give you the appropriate time to develop and perfect your skills through a year long program whether online or hybrid classes.
We provide our students in depth knowledge of fundamentals & techniques that any PMU artist should know to be successful and avoid making mistakes that will help you to be successful sooner.
The techniques taught in each program have been tested and proven by Cecilia who has built a successful practice with thousands of happy clients in the Metro Detroit area setting her apart from her competitors.
We pride ourselves in our small size classes for the best learning experience with our educational programs suitable for beginners to experienced artists.
Cecilia is the Founder and owner of Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics & The Bespoke Academy. Holding a Bachelors degree in Marketing, she began working in the health and beauty industry in 2007. Cecilia has learned this art through extensive education from the leading European masters in our Industry and years of experience serving thousands of clients at Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics, based in Metro Detroit.

She is a multiple international award winner and speaker

She has elevated her students education through her year long courses at the Bespoke Academy. For Cecilia, providing comprehensive courses and enough time to work with each student so they can polish their skills is crucial to being an excellent technician. It does take time to understand this complex work, this is often underestimated in our industry and it changes by the minute.

After so many years in the beauty Industry, she is passionate about changing lives with Permanent Make up and sharing her joy and passion for it with her students.
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