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What's the difference between
Eyeliner offers the make up look. It can be done in different sizes and shapes with a wing or without. The shape is customized for each client's beauty needs.
Lash enhancement
Eyelash enhancement is done on the lash line and between the lashes, it gives the illusion of fuller lashes. It is a subtle and natural frame for the eyes.

What to expect at you appointment time


A customized design is penciled in and approved by you before the treatment. PMU stays on the skin for a few years, we want to make sure you love the plan before we make it official. ⁣⁣


Every make up design is customized for your unique face and beauty needs. The process starts by mapping out the treatment area. Symmetry is very important to us measurements are taken after the make up design step to ensure precision


Not only is our equipment high quality to provide physical comfort, but our anesthetics used during the treatment will make the experience relaxing and pain free.


Our favorite part is to see your reaction when you see the the results right after!


Team work with you is essential! We deliver amazing results and it's crucial that you follow up with the instructions so the healed results are optimal!

healing process
Remove lash extensions
Stop lash serums for 3 weeks
Remove contact lenses before treatment
No eye makeup on your appointment day
Dry eyes & a tired sensation is expected
Some flaking on the pigment can occur
Mild swelling can occur the first 48 hrs
Color will soften after the first week
Eyeliner shape will shrink about 40 %
After care
AVOID for 1 week
Running water on the face

AVOID for 2 weeks
Steam, sweating, direct sun, lotion, make up, any products Lash growth serums.

AVOID for 3 weeks
Lash extension applications

Brows faq's

A very potent numbing cream applied 15 min. prior to your treatment will keep you comfortable during the treatment. No injections needed. ou will feel a ticking sensation.

Absolutely! you Would be able to see perfectly. if you wear contacts, bring your regular glasses with you because you won't be able to wear your contacts before the procedure until 3 days after.

Although it's hard to predict from person to person, mild swelling during the fIrst 2 days is normal.

A pre-draw will give you a close representation of what the end result is going to be like. You have the opportunity to see and authorize the eyeliner design.

Eyleliner can last up to 5 years, a boost of color is recommended after a year when necessary.

The use of lash serums should be discontinued 2 weeks before the treatment. Do not resume until 2 weeks after your final touch up. .

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