Whats is

The Lipstick look?


It is the hottest technique for lip color

It's performed with a machine to provide a precise and even pigment deposit. The results are even color on the lips.
Improves definition, symmetry and a fuller look.
It can last up to 3 years.

Multiple color options to customized your color.


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Whats is

Lip blush

The latest technique that's growing in demand!

It's an excellent option to create definition and a subtle tint to the lips. Clients love having smudge free lips that provides a youthful look while enhancing the lip's tones.


Exfoliate with a mild scrub before your appointment to remove dry skin

Make sure to take your antiviral medication if you have a tendency for cold sores. Reach out to your doctor to get a prescription a week before your appointment.

Plan your appointment when you are able to avoid direct sun on your face for 2 weeks after the treatment


What to expect at you appointment time


A customized design is penciled in and is approved by you before the treatment. PMU stays on the skin for a few years, we want to make sure you love the plan before making it official.


Every make up design is customized for your unique face and beauty needs. The process starts by mapping out the treatment area. Symmetry is very important to us, measurements are taken after the make up design to ensure precision.


Not only our equipment is high quality to provide physical comfort, but our anesthetics used during the treatment will make the experience relaxing and pain free.


Our favorite part is to see your reaction when you see the results right after!


Team work with you is essential! We deliver amazing results and it's crucial that you follow up with the instructions so the healed results are optimal! After care kit and instructions will be provided to you before you leave the office.


Lips faq's

Lip blush is meant to give a tinted color on the lips. A Lipstick look fills in your lips to create the effect of lipstick.

The first session of lip color takes around 2.5 hours. It's a two step process. The second session is a touch up no less than 6 weeks after the first treatment.

If you have have a history of cold sores, it is very important to visit your doctor and get an antiviral prescription before having this treatment. It is crucial not just for your health but your comfort and results. Most of our clients use Valtrex.

Results can vary from person to person. On average about 3 years, a yearly touch up is recommended to boost the color

It's best to start with lip color before getting your lip filler, so the color stays true all over the skin. If you have dermal fillers already, the treatment can be done as long there is a window of 3-4 weeks after the lip filler treatment.

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