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At Bespoke we offer the latest techniques available in the industry to provide realistic and natural healed results!

All PMU services require a consultation before a treatment can be scheduled. Consultation is free of charge, book yours today!


The latest technique for hair stroke creation. Maximizes the realistic natural hair effect, creating real dimension for a very natural look.






Powder brows provides the look of freshly filled in eyebrows that are perfectly symmetrical. Cecilia creates shading to add depth, while still keeping a natural look.



Powder Brows






If you are looking for a little bit of shading and hair strokes this treatment is for you! A brow definition is achieved along with realistic hairs. It's the best of both worlds!
perfect eyes everytime



This service is ideal for those with sparse hair wanting a fuller natural look.
perfect eyes everytime


All about the eyes

Whatever the style without the smudging

Enhance your eyes making them look brighter and bigger with permanent eyeliner
All PMU services require a consultation before a treatment can be scheduled. Consultation is free of charge, book yours today!


Semipermanent color is applied around the contours of the eyes to create a variety of aesthetic effects.


Eyelash Enhancement

This treatment is for those of you going for a very subtle pop to the eyes. A soft color to the eyelash line makes your lashes appear fuller and adds definition to the eyes.



Always perfect. Never smudged  

Boost your lip color, optimize natural shape, enhance definition, and fix asymmetry.

All PMU services require a consultation before a treatment service can be scheduled. Consultation is free of charge, book yours today!


A sheer color is added on your lips boosting the natural lip color, shape and definition.



Provides an even color and definition to the lips with a visible natural result. You can choose from a wide range of colors!



Nothing but the best for the bride

The perfect look for your big day that will last all day.

Wedding Party

PMU treatments
and the bride is 50% off.

Saving of $325


PMU treatments
and the bride is 50% off.

Saving of $325

flowerInitial treatments must be performed 3 months before the wedding date for all participants.

flowerAppointments must be schedule 6-12 months before the weeding date for all participants.


Esthetic Services

Struggling to get glowing skin and fighting sings of aging? Imagine beautifying your skin through exfoliation, hydration and nourishment of the skin while getting pampered. Our professional esthetician will customize a soothing procedure that is ideal for your skin type.


First time clients will receive a thorough consultation and information on what to expect during their skin health journey along with product recommendations.

Consultation / book now

The Bespoke Assessment Facial

Starting at $150 

This facial is customized to the client's concerns and will give the esthetician insight on how the products adapt to the client's skin during treatments.

After receiving The Assessment facial, clients will continue their skin health with customized treatments created for their concerns and the esthetician's recommendations.

These treatments are created for all skin types and may include recommendations below and add ons to maximize treatment benefits.

Add ons

$35 each. They can be added at the time of booking on the next step.

Deep Resurfacing using chemical and physical exfoliation 

Deep hydration 

Sensitized healing for irritated skin 

Event Ready
Night out, photo shoots, parties, weddings, reunions all things to give your skin a lifted, smooth, and bright look. Think injections without needles.

Customized for what is needed to maintain at home care and clients concerns 

Deep hydration molding mask- a cooling weighted blanket
For the face using customized products and serums that will further penetrate under this molding mask creating improved texture, hydration and brightening.

Under Eye Peel
No down time, exfoliation, hydration and brightening the under eye area including crows feet
Neckfit contour treatment
Refining treatment for neck and chest that firms, brightens and hydrates

Oxygenated Ionized Infusion treatment
Using customized serums and activators creating a subtle glow with hydrating, firming and collagen building peptides 

Re-education of facial muscles reducing wrinkles, lifting and smoothing skin. A needleless treatment for an injection alternative. 

Collagen Lifting treatment Known as the no botox treatment 
Dramatically lifts, tightens, defines facial contours while smoothing and brightening the skin using an enzyme tightening mask with firming collagen peptides, and potent stem cell wrinkle erasing ingredients 

Bespoke Assessments / book now

Superficial Chemical peels $165

Chemical peels will consist of :

Double cleanse, customized peel, standard hydration mask, serum, moisturizer and spf

These customized mild peels will leave no downtime as they remove the topmost layer of the skin penetrating ingredients needed to help with concerns of aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, fine lines wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. 

Peels will be performed only when recommended. Clients will need to receive The Assessment facial prior to any advanced treatments recommended by the esthetician
Peel add ons

Under Eye peel

Deep hydration jelly/molding mask

Neckfit contour treatment 

Oxygenated Ionized Infusion Deep hydration treatment

  Chemicals peels / book now

About Blanca

Blanca has been passionate about aging gracefully after receiving a gift bag of Oil of Olay at the age of 19. Who would have thought that back then eye wrinkles would lead to an amazing career educating about skin health.


To help the aging accept the process and feel confident with the wisdom lines they have earned while showing ways to hydrate and firm their skin along with fading any pigmentation.

For the young to help prevent the inevitable from developing early and educating them with products and ingredients so that their skin doesn't reflect their age throughout their aging process.


As a professional skin health therapist, my motivation is creating strategic treatments using the best products on and for my clients.

Brow and lash services

Do you struggle with straight lashes or unruly eyebrows? We have the solution for that! Experience the hottest services in the beauty industry that not only will enhance your beauty but will cut time off of your daily makeup routine.

PMU Academy

Do you love what we do? Join the wonderful permanent makeup industry and learn the fundamentals of how to be an elite Permanent makeup artist like us. We offer comprehensive training for the latest techniques for eyebrows, eyes and lips.