Cecilia is the Founder and owner of Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics & The Bespoke Academy based in Auburn Hills, Michigan serving thousands of client's since 2017.

She paid attention to brows since she was a little kid and they became one of her biggest passions!

Cecilia started working for the Beauty Industry 15 years ago as a Makeup artist and realized that eyebrows play a huge role on someone's face determining expression and youthful look.

Her specialty is creating eyebrows from scratch for each face using her signature technique Hyper realistic nano strokes.

One of her biggest motivations is to give back to the ones that have experienced hair loss such as alopecia or cancer survivors. She donates her time making brows for the ones that have no existing hair on their brows, so they can enjoy the convenience of having realistic and natural brows on a daily basis.

You can find more about her work on Instagram at @thececiliajohnson

The brow journey starts with a consultation.